Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Become an MC

I've been receiving quite a few emails from civilians looking to become MCs and Sailors wanting to leave their current job to become MCs.  I usually see two types of questions:

1.  How hard is it to cross-rate into MC?  (are the manning levels high or low)
2.  What are the requirements to get in?  What skills should I have?

The answer to the first question can be found in the CREO list.  (Career REnlistment Objective)  This list is updated, I believe, twice a year.  Find your rate on the chart and there will be a number assigned to it based on rank.  1 = undermanned;  2 = manned;  3 = overmanned

Your chances are better if your rate/rank is overmanned and MC is undermanned.  You can find the link to the CREO list at Navy Personnel Command.  (That page was a real pain to find.)

         - Thanks to Master Chief Tom Goering over at Navy Cyberspace for the lesson! 

The second question can be answered by reading this blog post by a really charming guy.   Don't hesitate to contact me with questions.


  1. Hey! I'm currently very interested in joining the Navy. I am 24, have a BS in Communication - Mass Media from a 4 year college. I do not have a GPA high enough to be considered for the officer program right away, but I can go enlisted officer program... from what they tell me. I would like to continue schooling and receive a Masters in Fine Arts (MFA) and be in the MC program to help with my photography skills, web design, etc. Could we discuss this? I find my local recruiters to be super pushy in just getting me 'in' and not really caring about the job I want. Basically, they're not listening to me.

  2. Sure, just shoot me an email.

  3. Hello I am currently a QM in the Navy and about to hit my two year mark. Considering our rate is dying and soon will be merged to OS (not very favorable of the idea). Was wondering what I need to cross rate into MC.

  4. Hey there, kudos on your initiative to stay ahead of the game. There are many factors that can affect your ability to cross rate. Among them are performance, manning levels, eligibility for MC (ASVAB, typing test, physical, color blind), and ability to obliserve.

    Your first step is to sit down with your career counselor and do the paperwork. Route that up the chain, get an official yes or no. To get into the rate, you need to put together an MC package that shows skills in writing, photography, videography, etc.

    If you'd like, I can try to have one of my shipmates write in about what they went through (and are going through) to strike to MC.

    Many thanks to Master Chief Goering over at Navy Cyberspace for his valuable insight.

    Hang in there, and let me know if I can be of more assistance.

  5. Hello I am currently finishing up a B.A. in Anthropology and plan on joining the navy as soon as I graduate. I have already started talking to a recruiter and I would really appreciate any advice or tips you could give me to better my chances of getting an MC rating. I don't really have any experience with photography or film but I know that if I could acquire these skills it would help me greatly in my post-navy career as an Anthropologist, which is why I really want to be an mass communications specialist! I did very well on my ASVAB if that helps.

  6. Hey Ryann, scoring well on the ASVAB is a great start. Other than that, I'd say to be clear with the recruiter that you only want MC. This should help you avoid the attempted corraling to other rates. Then it'll come down to if the job's available. I made it clear from the start that I was prepared to walk away from MEPS with no job if they didn't give me MC. Wouldn't you know, there was one MC slot there.

  7. Hey there, I recently enlisted in the Navy and I was able to select this rate. Initially, I wanted to become either IS or CTR and I didn't know much about the MC rate when it was offered to me. From what I was told at MEPS and from my recruiter this is a rate that would really fit my skill set. I am currently finishing up my degree with a major in English, and I will be enlisted as an E-3. I was told that because I have yet to receive my degree and because my GPA is below 3.0 I would not be competitive for OCS. However, I really want to become an officer. I was thinking about different programs such as the STA-21, but from what I have read online there is an "advancement bubble" in this rate and to become an officer I would cross into public relations. Is that true? I still have a few questions about the rate and would greatly appreciate some feedback.

    1. Tony, I'm not sure If I've talked to you, but if not and you still have questions, hit me up on the FB page. (search I Am Your Eyes on FB)

  8. Hey Tony, as far as I know you still need a degree to go to OCS. Scoring well on the OAR will make you more competitive. I'm not familiar with STA-21, but I can tell you that PAO means no production, and all public relations. It's very different than MC. Write me at if you have more questions.

  9. Hi chief! I just took my 1st EST (Enlistment Screening Test) with the recruiter straight away upon inquiring and got a decent passing grade. But i was told to study more and brushup my arithmetic and math. My situation is this, I just arrived (migrated) 6months ago here in the US and took me 3 months to obtain my SSN, GreenCard and DMV which are needed to join the military and took me 2 months convincing my wife that I really want to join the Navy. I have a degree BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) back home and a 10 year experience in broadcasting (edit/shoot/motiongrfx/3d/copy/directing). By the way Im turning 35yo this December. My recruiter told my and to keep an open mind which is I am, that if I dont make it to MEPS (this November) and Bootcamp before my (December) Bday (to get to enlisted) is that its okay for me to be in the reserves and plan to go to FTS or IA. Here are my questions: 1.)I was told that MC billet is rare and if I were to get any billet just to get in and get started, is it hard or what are the chances to get to MC if im in other billet? 2.) Im not hoping for OCS since Im overage, but is there an ascention thing to top up to rank or become an officer or somthing? (recruiter told me i get an E-4 once i get in) 3.) what if i get a different billet other than MC and will go to A school of that certain billet, Can I choose to go to A school for MC? or what does STRIKE means? like can i strike to go to C School at DINFOS? 4.)Worst case that i dont get the MC billet, what should I do? or which billet would near me to explore new fronts that would help me if ever the mc billet comes up? AW? MA?

    Chief Glen, Thank you for your time in accommodating my love letter. I researched everything and anything about MC COMCAM PA etc. but still lack of some inside info and experience details. Hope I make it to Bootcamp before my Bday. Linked below are some of my works. Thanks!

    Future Sailor Alfred Molo

  10. Hi. I'm 18 years old, and I'm a senior in high school. This is the ONLY job I want. I feel like I'm good for this and it's my passion to do everything they've said in the job description. I throughout high school i've been in Mass Media I & II (which is filming and film editing), Journalism, Creative writing, and have always been in AP English. I know I have to score well on the asvab but other than that what do you suggest? Please e-mail me ASAP @ thank you so much

  11. Hey Alfred, my apologies I just saw that comment. Hit me up on the FB page again if you have questions. (search I Am Your Eyes on FB)


    It sounds like MC is a great fit for you.

    1. Get a study guide from Barnes & Noble and ace the ASVAB. This makes you more marketable to the detailer at MEPS. That's the person that looks at what jobs are available.

    2. Make sure you're clear with your recruiter and detailer that MC is all you'll take.

    3. Have a plan B in case they say nothing's available. It's totally possible. You don't have to take any rate they give you. You can walk right out! It's possible, but more difficult to get MC once you enlist.

    (I've heard several stories about recruits being told that no MC spots are available, and surprise surprise, when they stand their ground and prepare to leave with nothing, ONE MC billet opens up. lol

  12. Ive been looking into the MC rate. I am finishing up in the USCG reserve and was considering the Navy Reserve. Is it possible to strike the MC rate in lieu of A school in the reserve component? I have taken numerous photography courses and do forensic photography fulltime on the civilian side. Thanks.

  13. I talked to a recruiter friend of mine and he said this:

    "Yeah it's possible. It just depends if the MC rate in open at the time he joins. And his ASVAB line scores have to be high enough."

  14. Hello, I am currently 14 and I am highly interested in becoming a MC. I've read about some things they do (photography, videography, etc.) and I am just wondering exactly what schooling does it take to become a MC? Any other info on this job would be highly appreciated!! :)

  15. Hi Katie, you just need a high school education or be working towards a GED. I recommend picking up an ASVAB study guide at Barnes & Noble before you enlist. This will help you score higher and make you more marketable to the recruiters. As in, you can tell them you only want the MC rate.