Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ultimate Frisbee

There's several very good reasons why Ultimate Frisbee is so popular here on base and around the universe.  You don't have to be a PT stud to be good at it.  There's just enough contact (no tackling) to make it interesting.  And, most importantly, it's co-ed!  (on a good day)

I took some pictures, with my Cybershot with almost no zoom, and got yelled at for not playing.

I do it all for you guys...

Chief Carter, in the camo shorts, came out to represent.  He recently had his arm replaced with a cannon.

Some slight tapping occurs when opponents go for the frisbee at the same time.

Chief Shavers, always happy to be involved with the students, may have yelled and screamed as much as he threw and caught.

Most of these guys are new.  I'm looking forward to Warrior Day, when we'll have a chance to avenge an overtime loss against the Ultimate Frisbee (or were they playing football?) champs...Army 

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