Thursday, October 29, 2015

Don't lose it

Mike does not play.  I think he wrote a book about the proper way to place a mic back in its bag.

Want to know what the biggest downfall of MCs is? Keeping track of gear on a shoot. 

They can teach you in school until they're blue in the face but everything changes when you're out in the field and things are moving a mile a minute.

I'm turning gear in to our camera shop's gatekeeper Mike. If you lose something and don't pray to a god you better start.

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Friday, October 23, 2015

Holding a teddy bear (a week in the life of an MC)

It's my future. It's very sunny.
No we don't hold teddy bears all week but I needed an interesting title.  Here's a few random photos of life as an MC!

The above shot was taken at Fort Gordon, Georgia.  I was working with their public affairs officers to produce a story on the new cyber school there.  It's important to have a good relationship with PAOs because they are the gatekeepers of their territory.

SURVIVAL TIP: Prepare to be flexible because each PAO is different.  Some are military while others are civilian. Some are super chill, like these two, while some are controlling and hover over every shot you take.

haha Someone left him an apple!

This is Senior Chief Jones. I served with him on USS Nimitz, back when he was a chief.  We happened to be stationed together now at Defense Media Activity.

He swears it's not because he missed me and had me sent here.  mmhmm

SURVIVAL TIP:  Don't burn bridges with your shipmates because you could be stationed with them again.

MC1 Bidwell, me, MC2 Church, MCCM Weatherspoon.

Our volunteer events at the Maryland SPCA continue but we had a new addition to the group today.  Master Chief Weatherspoon recently arrived to DMA and she helped us shovel turds like a champ.

When we first met she said she really liked my blog. The least I could do is give her a cameo. ;)

That's not my teddy bear.  It's for the dogs but I liked it.