Monday, August 31, 2015

It's not all romance

Okay I realize this isn't the sexiest post but it's a reality of life in the Navy. We're having a field day (massive cleaning) of defense media activity and MC3 Haake and I are charged with clearing out the refrigerator. Let's just say we are not popular today.

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Saturday, August 22, 2015

MC Perspective: I am a sling shot

MC2 Bent had been on Fort Bragg for three days, doing interviews, when this shot was taken.

DoD News was just down in North Carolina for a big deal Secretary of Defense visit.  It's one of those live shoots that I really don't like.  I become a robot, standing behind that massive camera, taking orders from the director in the satellite truck.

It's the dues I pay to go on the cool feature shoots.

While I was there, I watched one of our senior news anchors in action.  MC2 Lori Bent was out there killing it as usual.

I watched in horror and appreciation as she went from 
on-camera talent to camera operator, in 60 seconds.

STAGE ONE:  Talk to the audience about cool military hardware on display for the SECDEF.
STAGE TWO: Sprint to Camera Three and film the SECDEF as he arrives to the hangar bay.

I'm getting stressed out just reporting this.

Here's what she had to say about the experience.


MC2 LORI BENT: Being a Mass Communication Specialist means being able to sling shot between different responsibilities.  We perform so many different functions that we have to be proficient in a little bit of everything.

I went from being an on-ground reporter, gathering information through interviews, to an on-air talent for a live show and then one of the camera operators for that live show.

A brief practice beforehand.  That's all you get MC2!

When I had to run over and get on that camera I was thinking 'OK now I have to switch roles.  It's something that I've never done and now I'm doing it.'

"You just have to stay calm and breathe. 
Breathing is important."

At the end of the day it was very successful.  The reviews we got were very positive.


I AM YOUR EYES: Thank you for being such a badass, MC2!  (Even though you make me feel like a slacker.)

Hanging with SECDEF Ash Carter.  jk I was in line with two hundred people.

In case any of you were worried, my day was super easy.  I stood behind Camera One, zoomed in and out on SECDEF a bit, then shook his hand afterwards!