Thursday, September 20, 2012

What you didn't know about MC

Combat Camera pays us a visit during RIMPAC 2012

Working on an aircraft carrier means hosting visitors. A LOT OF VISITORS.  I had no idea about this part of being an MC when I enlisted.  Brush up on your people skills because you'll be meeting a bunch of folks from all over the world.

The Taiwanese media were very focused and hardworking.
We had a couple of our Sailors from Taiwan hang out with this group for a bit.  In the above photo they're being interviewed for the magazine these journalists represented.

On Vulture's Row.

Much of your time may be spent escorting media and distinguished visitors (DVs) around the ship.  These photographers were like kids in a candy shop as they took photos of jets taking off.

We're shooting at full high definition.  It's learn as we go.

A couple of Canadian filmmakers came aboard to grab footage for a documentary they were producing. Great guys, and one of them is taking time here to share some shooter knowledge.


Here I'm talking shop with a couple of Australian military journalists.  Love the accent guys.

And it's not just media.  Every day we're underway, groups of DVs can be seen around the ship.  This could be school teachers or CEOs.  They fly on, spend the night, and walk around (escorted every second of course) staring in wonder at our amazing world. 

Eat your heart out Disneyland.

SURVIVAL TIP:  Grab Rosetta Stone and learn another language, or three.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Apocalypse Is Here! (Today!)

MC3 Jandik remembers his training and snaps a photo of the epic battle.

I don't have long to write this.  The battle between the Global Force For Good and the Dirty Underlings of the Supreme Trash overlord (DUST) bunnies is raging mere feet away from this blogger's laptop. 

We've held our own for months against the hordes, but I fear our losses are too great, their numbers too overwhelming.


Jandik finds a safe place to observe the action.

Mom?  Dad?  I love you so much.  The bunnies are on me, giggling dustily, climbing my back....

MC2 Slaughter signing off-

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Walking Blind

I feel like a kidnap victim.

At some point, every Sailor has to practice emergency egress.  This is a fancy term for "get the hell out of here!"  In the above photo, MC2 Vladimir Potopenko spins me around (after blinding me with a hood of course) to simulate a very bad situation.

MC3 Wray follows for safety, and to make fun of me.

After the blinding and the spinning, I must make my way by touch from my work space (TV Studio) to the hangar bay.  This involves a couple of p-ways, a few hatches, and a steep ladderwell.