Sunday, March 30, 2014

All Hands Magazine (and me!)

Quick post, as I am getting my butt kicked by classes here at Syracuse University.  We've got a month left, and all the projects are banging on the door.

You know who wasn't too busy to publish a story about me?  All Hands Magazine.

Check out this Q & A with me, and stop by their Facebook page and Like them.  Every Like and Follow counts, especially when the entire military is looking at funding cuts.

This is THE magazine you want to follow to stay in the know.  

Read the article here.

Watch my application video here.

Friday, March 7, 2014

MC Perspective: Submerged

This probably had something to do with him shooting a DOCUMENTARY WHILE TRAINING!

MC1 Brett Cote just graduated from the coolest school we can get sent to.  (after Syracuse University of course)  Not only is he now a professional underwater-battle-camera-scuba-MIA-finder, but he actually shot a short video documenting his experience.  That's dedication.

Watch the video here.

It's exactly what I would've done.  /cough

I caught up with him just before he left for an assignment:


Congrats MC1!  So what do Combat Camera Divers do?

Cote:  The main jobs our guys have been tasked with lately are Joint Prisoners of War, Missing in Action Accounting Commad (JPAC) missions.  JPAC tries to track down and bring home the remains of service members from past wars.

Our divers go along on those missions to provide imagery of underwater locations.

You just made a video about dive school, while you were a participant. What were the production challenges?

Cote:  Making the video while being a student was tough. I didn't have any tripods or microphones, and I shot the whole thing with a waterproof point-and-shoot. Actually I didn't shoot most of the video myself. I would leave the point-and-shoot sitting around, and the guys and the instructors would pick up the cam and shoot.

As far as editing, the video was shaky and the audio was really uneven, so I went with a really raw editing style. What I'm talking about is little things like leaving in my interjections during the interviews and using certain shots I wouldn't normally use.


Thanks for the info, great video, and we'll look forward to seeing more from you!

Check out MC1's blog here: