Saturday, January 18, 2014

Fresh Angles

Replenishment at sea. Photo by MCSN Derek Harkins. RELEASED. (Check out the comments.)

Recently the Nimitz returned from a deployment that was extended by the troubles in Syria.  I get asked a lot about what life on a ship is like as an MC.  I wasn't there, but I bet life became a grind on that extended deployment.  A big part of the workload looked like this:

If you weren't assigned to a specific task, you roamed the ship looking for cool photos to release.


1.  It's hard to catch Sailors showing emotion.  Everyone's kind of....neutral most of the time.
2.  You can only walk around the ship for so many months before your creative mind goes numb.
3.  Any photo you can think of has probably already been taken by someone before you.

Our chain of command always said "look for fresh angles."  With practice, a good photographer can somehow see an event, even mail sorting, and capture it from a new angle.

CHECK THIS OUT - USS Nimitz: Where they were

The Herald of Everett posted 50 photographs taken by Nimitz MC's during the deployment.

Look at the photos and think about what makes the good ones stand out.  This is your life MC!

Friday, January 10, 2014

I may be headed to Mars! (Help me go viral...)

I am officially a finalist for the Mars One program! 

If you've missed it, here's the deal:

Out of over 200,000 applicants, I have been selected to challenge 1,058 would-be astronauts for the right to colonize Mars.  One physical assessment and one passed interview and I'll be a serious part of the most amazing human story to ever hit the history books. Hit me up for more information!

You can help me by watching and liking the below application video,
 and liking and sharing my Facebook posts about it.  

The next phase is reality TV show to raise money for the mission.  They're looking for people that can bring in an audience.

Disclaimer: This will depend not only on making it through the interview process, but how well this will click with my active duty responsibilities.  The Navy has been very good to me, and I owe them time.  We are waiting to see if two amazing jobs can work together.

Stop by this website for more info:

Here's another applicant.  He gets beat up a bit by the interviewers!

Here's my application video:

I enlisted to serve my country.  I am ready to continue that service, on a much larger scale, by giving up everything to train and eventually lift off for Mars.  What a way to go huh?!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Changing the meaning of a word

The best way to get better at your craft, whether it's photo, video, graphics, or writing is:

1. Create stuff and get honest feedback on it (Your mom doesn't count, she'll always love it.)

2. Find people that are working on a level you want to reach, stare at that work for a long time, and make friends with them if you can.

Former MC2 Arthur Breese kicked serious ass while he was with us, and is now a civilian Multimedia Producer at Airman Magazine.

Watch this video he just produced, and how it takes a powerful shot at changing the meaning of a word from negative to positive.

Andrew Arthur Breese

HEY! You're out of regs shipm- oh wait nevermind.