Friday, June 13, 2014

Your mobile device NEEDS this

Let's face it, most of us spend a lot of time on our smartphones or tablets.  But are your apps leaving you cold and empty inside?

I have the solution.

The Navy's been working on a badass app for some time now, and it's gotten to the point where I feel really good recommending it to you.  There's a bunch of fun stuff on it but my favorites are:

1.  Personalized Mail - I receive Navy environmental and humanitarian news
2.  Interactive Map - This thing looks like a video game, and shows global fleet activity.
Check out The Official Navy App here(Scroll down the page for a cool graphic ad.)

As a bonus for reading my shameless sales pitch, here's yet another awesome job an MC could end up with.

MC1 David Holmes:  This photo was from Dakar, Senegal (2009) while I was deployed with USS Nashville as part of 6th Fleet's Africa Partnership Station.  The event was a ceremony thanking the Seabees for installing a water well at a school.  Your best chance to be a part of something like this is to get orders to 6th Fleet or NPASE Europe.  Both are out of Naples, Italy.  I was at 6th Fleet. Great tour!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Goodbye Syracuse! Hello [lots of stuff]!

Graduation night.  MC1 Lingo, center with duck lips.  Selfie by Shawn Weismiller.

Ok that's all she wrote for Syracuse University.  We all made it through, with MC1 Nicholas Lingo not only working towards a master's (on top of normal course work), but earning the best grades in the group. (pretty much straight A's)

Those of you in the military have already realized that the bonds formed between us are stronger than most, because of what we go through.  There will always be a special connection with classes that survive two semesters (and a winter) at Syracuse U.

Huge shoutout to all the civilians and Navy 
that have worked to keep this program alive and well.

To my classmates: 

MC2 Torrey Lee 
MC2 Dom Pineiro
MC2 Bullet Tooth Tony Ramos

MC1 D Kennon
MC1 Nick Next Level Lingo
MC1 Ras Rasmussen
MC1 Sean Spratt

Love you guys.  Stay safe out there.

MC1 Alan Gragg (center with hand on hip), an instructor at DINFOS, gives a pep talk after PT.

That last line is normally when I'd start crying...but look what I get to do now!  Take photos of A schoolers!

Okay I technically work at Defense Media Activity, more specifically The Pentagon Channel.  But my building is located next door to the Defense Information School, so after checking in to work, I quickly showed up to see what the newbies were doing.  I tagged along for their 0430 PT muster today.  That's 4:30...AM.

After an hour of me realizing how out of shape I was, a couple students came and talked to me about the blog, and even knew about my Mars One venture.  (Manukin and ...Ecklebecker [sp?])

I'm really psyched to get personal access to this stuff, for two reasons.  One, my readers want current information.  Two, I love being in the place where MCs are molded.

Hopefully they don't get too annoyed with the old guy taking photos of them all the time.  I'll have more on my job as I learn it, and more on MC A school as I get the chance to get over there.

IMPORTANT:  Ignore any rumors about me getting covered in ants during PT and running around like I was on fire.