Saturday, October 16, 2010

Don't board without em

Alright so I've been aboard the USS Nimitz for about three weeks.  I'm no seasoned Sailor, but I already know there's a few things you NEED to have.  Here we go:

1.  dryer sheets - Stuff a few in your boots to keep em fresh. Think about your shipmates stinky.

2.  earplugs - Yes, I have a snorer above me.  He's an angry snorer, too. Your ship should have plugs.

3.  Febreeze Sport - This stuff smells amazing, and gets you a couple more days in the same uniform.  (this is not a replacement for washing laundry!)

4.  travel coffee mug -  This way you can drink coffee all day! (must be a closed container)

5.  multivitamins - I HATE getting sick.  It stopped being cool in 6th grade.  Take one a day.

6.  soft toilet paper -  The heads tend to run out, and it's scratchy anyway.

7.  hand sanitizer - I'm no germ freak, but I'm not touching that apple after opening four hatches to get to it.  Also, the heads run out of soap sometimes.

8.  pillow/blanket - Find out how comfortable the assigned stuff is, and then plan on buying the most comfortable pillow/sheets/blanket you can find.  Don't be afraid to spend some money.  Make it so you look forward to getting in your rack.

9.  an ID holder - Onboard the Nimitz, if you want to eat in civvies, you have to hang your military ID from your neck, outside the clothes.

Ladderwell Etiquette

Yes, the above photo has relevance to this post.  Maneuvering the hundreds of stairs on a ship is kind of like arriving at a four-way traffic stop.  There are rules.  Here's another list:

1.  A higher rank goes first in case of a tie (one at top and one at bottom).

2.  Groups heading the same direction should be aware of those waiting at the other side.  Two or three at a time is ok, but after that, break it up to allow others to go the opposite way.  Shouting "ladder up!" or "ladder down"  is a good way to get attention.

3.  Everyone clears the way for anyone carrying something.

4.  Look up or down before getting on the stairs.  There may already be someone on them!

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