Sunday, February 13, 2011

Don't get settled in

 Photo by MC2 Nathan Gomez.
Last week, I traveled about an hour north to Naval Station Everett, Wa., the sight of our new home after drydock.  The purpose of our visit was to film the barracks/housing accommodations for an upcoming captain's call.   (more on what that is soon)  My job was to bring back footage for the crew to see.

No, I don't have to wear a cover. :)

Here I'm shooting an introduction to one of the barracks. Our homeport change coordinator, a very cool ensign, looks on.

We had two cameras going, to capture the reactions and thoughts of two Nimitz Sailors we brought along.  The footage of them will be shown in an upcoming Drydock episode.   You may recognize Seaman Kowalczyk from Episode 1.

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