Saturday, April 16, 2011

Front page

A Mr. Damon Moritz recently visited the media department on the Nimitz.  He came from the Pentagon and was very interested in our Drydock series.  After a 3-day visit, he returned and wrote an article about Wolfe, Wray, and I.  Check it out below!

Navy Imagery Insider: March-April issue


  1. It was a good read, I was actually able to read the magazine version and the pictures and layout were well done. The article gave some good insight on what your ship is going through.

    Congrats on being apart of history!

  2. Glad you checked it out, more to come!

  3. I visited CHINFO and they gave me a copy of it - I should send it to you for an autograph :)

  4. lol Any time! Thank you for the support Master Chief.