Saturday, August 27, 2011

Lake Cushman

Desiree marvels at Lake Cushman. Photo by me.

If you live anywhere in Washington state, you HAVE to get out in the summertime.  I mean, it's only warm and sunny for a few weeks out of the year!  Last weekend, I got a group together to take advantage of THE best weekend we've had all year.

Photo by Desiree Guarino.

 Lake Cushman Resort is open year-round for camping and cabin rentals.   It's about an hour and a half from Bremerton.  Our cabin, the one I'm trying to figure out how to open, was $120/night, down to about $100 with their military discount.  Like most cabins there, it holds four.  Some larger ones are available.

You need to reserve these well in advance!

Photo by MC3 Berumen.

This is the view from the cabin.  And it's not even considered lakefront!  For a little extra, you can get a spot right up on that lake.

The water's still cold.  Only the kids and Wray got in.  Photo by MC3 Berumen.

CAUTION, KIDS AT PLAY... Cushman is a family joint, meaning...yes...children.  /gulp  Don't worry, there are plenty of kid-free places to go.

If you end up here, keep in mind the whole family thing.  The staff will expect you to keep the celebration and the noise to a dull roar.

The trick is to find the coves that the speedboats can't get into.  Photo by Desiree Guarino.

KID-FREE!  Desiree and I rented kayaks for $7/hour and explored for about 4 hours.  These kayaks require no skill to stay afloat, which is always good.

This is a lakefront cabin.  It wasn't ours...this time. Photo by MC3 Wray.

Ashley (Berumen) and Colin Dalton are just the cutest, craziest couple this side of the Mississippi.

Photo by me.

Me:  Look a butterfly!
Desiree:  Where, I can't see it!

Cooking sockeye salmon and crayfish on the grill next to the cabin.  Photo by me.

Customer Service I bought a bunch of firewood from the resort's store but never used it.  Steve, owner for 17 years, happily refunded me the cost.

Wray was REALLY excited to be there. Photo by MC3 Berumen.

I'm a huge fan of this place.  The drive there is beautiful, with scenic stops and farmers markets along the way.  Once there, I could enjoy nature and still retreat to a bed after it was over.  And the staff are very personable.  I could tell they wanted me to enjoy my stay. 

Check them out at  And be sure to say Brooks from USS Nimitz told you about it!

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  1. Hi Brooks! Thank you for capturing the essence that is Lake Cushman. These pix are awesome! Glad you enjoyed your stay. We enjoyed your visit as well.....Best Regards, Barb & Steve