Sunday, November 6, 2011

Defeating the machine

MC3 Berumen, who runs the Nimitz blog, photographs EM3 Villalobos for his website debut.

Last week something happened that really reminded me of the power that we have as Mass Communication Specialists. I recently took a scuba course, where I met Electrician's Mate 3rd Class Johnathan Villalobos. He's one of those guys you can tell right off the bat is smart and motivated.

Some time after we finished the course I ran into Johnathan in the hanger bay of the ship. He proceeded to tell me something that was pretty amazing.

This was a story that needed a bigger audience than myself.

Nimitz media recently added a blog to the ship's website. The goal is to highlight a different Sailor every week. Within days of the hangar bay conversation, I was able to get EM3 featured on the new blog.

Read his incredible tale on the Nimitz website.  (If we've moved on to a new Sailor, navigate to the blog from the website and find older posts.)

It was awesome to watch the limbs of our multi-media Voltron Media Department come together to produce this news story.

Word-of-mouth (me) ---> interview & photo shoot (Berumen) ---> web layout & upload (Jandik)

We are the Lions of Navy Media.

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