Thursday, December 8, 2011

It sucks!

MC3 Jandik cleans a filthy air duct while MC3 Berumen bravely assists.

This is the stuff you don't see on recruitment ads.

But it's part of our job.  All of you prospective MCs out there, be prepared to get your hands dirty.  This air duct belongs to us.  No we didn't buy it at Home Depot.  Every department "owns" spaces.  For the MCs up in the TV studio, we own the studio, the control room, and the p-ways that connect them.  This means not-so-glamorous maintenance on said spaces from time to time.

Think about how gross your own home/apartment's air ducts get.

Jandik, who was recently promoted to petty officer 3rd class, climbed into this disgusting task as soon as he heard it needed to be done.  His vacuum sucked all sorts of caked on dirt, dust, and grime for about 30 minutes until... we all breathed a sigh of relief.  Literally.

Notice he's wearing a firefighting mask to protect him from all the nasty stuff he's churning up.

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