Thursday, January 12, 2012

Crash my vehicle

That's what I'd do if I saw what my buddy MC3 Betsy Knapper saw on her drive home.   Take a good look at this billboard, and think about all the cars that drive by it every day.  Imagine you're driving one of those cars and happen to glance up and realize that the photograph on the billboard is YOUR PHOTO.


MC3 Knapper:  I took this picture the day that we (Sailors aboard USS Gettysburg (CG 64)) were pulling out for a 7-month deployment. The father in the photo is FC2 Geoffery Bourget and his son Bentley. I was running around the pier that morning trying to capture as many moments as I could of families saying their goodbyes.

I always edit the photos I take and put them on the share drive for Sailors to go through and send any pics home. FC2's wife, Maria, said that she just loved this photo! It's always super great to hear things like that. I did a few picture favors for his wife during deployment and she even sent me a card thanking me! It was so sweet and really made me day!!

MC3 Knapper

 I couldn't wait to let her know that her boys were hanging up in Norfolk for the world to see!

After the 7-month haul, we all returned home safely and I returned back to Norfolk, Virginia to report back to my command. After only a few days back, I was driving onto base and saw this photo on the billboard!! It was instant shock!! I started smiling and and couldn't stop!! I was soooooo happy that a photo I had taken was selected to be used for an advertisement and printed so large AND I was smiling so much because of who was in the photo. FC2 and his wife are such great people, and I couldn't wait to let her know that her boys were hanging up in Norfolk for the world to see!! Maria of course was very thankful for me sending her this picture!

I have to admit that I even shed a few tears over the billboard. I know it sounds hooky, but after being away from everyone and almost everything I enjoy for a 7-month deployment and enduring a lot of stress it was just a big relief and very comforting seeing that my work doesn't always go unnoticed.

Simple things like that make it all worth it.


  1. I hope someone got paid for the use of that image. I'm sure Navy Mutual will make money off of it, the people in the image might as well make a little money too.

    As happy as I'd be to see one of my images on a billboard, the happiness would be short lived if the company used the image without permission or were in violation of a license...


  2. Simply awesome. Great photo, MC3 Knapper!

  3. Besty that was so sweet what you said about us. I can only how must feel seeing your picture on a billboard. I know how I feel seeing my boys up there. Its the best feeling in the world. That just goes to show how much a picture can touch so many hearts. Besty I know I have told you so many times but I dont think I can tell you enough Thank you for everything. You are a wonderful person. You went out of way to help me when I needed and sent me pictures of my husband. Everytime you sent me a picture it put a smile on my face. That picture of Bentley and his daddy will be very special to him one day. Thank you again and keep on taking wonderful pictures. Girl you def have a gift. Not very many people can take pictures like you. :)