Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Airman Apprentice or MC: The story of a recent enlistment

Boot camp graduation at Great Lakes.
Many of my readers find my blog in the days and months before they ship to boot camp.  Christopher Von Janik is one of them.  Read below for his first-hand account of what he went through to get the MC rate.


  I had all intentions of joining the Navy as an MC but after months and months of jumping through hoops with recruiters I finally met the right one, AC1 Brownlow, in my hometown of Chicago. This guy was on point with his knowledge and unlike any other recruiter I spoke to in Las Vegas or San Diego. Yes I have moved around a lot over the last year.  He promised me that he could get me on active duty because he loved getting people in the Navy.

The point of all of this is, after hearing so many people tell me to forget about getting the MC rate, I had set it in the back of my mind as an unlikely option. The day I went to MEPS Chicago, I was the only Navy guy there and was there for about 12 hours figuring out paperwork, waiver and physical stuff.  I finally sat down with the detailer, who ended up being a really nice guy. I don't think I even mentioned to him that MC was what I wanted because I had let so many people, recruiters and friends in the fleet tell me it was impossible to get. 

 I was the only Navy guy there and was
there for about 12 hours...
He put in my ASVAB scores and college information and came back and said, "well, I only have two options for you, Airman Apprentice or MC." The way he said MC pretty much made it seem like he had no idea what it really was. I was pretty much in a state of disbelief and my recruiter knew that I wanted MC so bad that he screamed so loud and gave me the biggest high five and hug, it was pretty cool. So, I had to take a typing test which i think i got something like 35 words a minute on but the requirements were not explained properly so my results had to be approved by another person in the office which was so nerve-racking. 

We get all of that done and he's filling out my contract papers to sign and tells me that the system is live updated and that he doesn't think he saved the page and the job may have already been taken.  Biggest heart drop I've ever felt.  Then he goes, "No, I'm on the wrong page, here it is."  I said, "You're going to give me a heart attack sir!"

He screamed so loud and
gave me the biggest high five and hug...

In the end everybody's experience is going to be different, timing seems to be vital and like Slaughter said, don't be afraid to walk away if you have to, but just remember that your chances are not going to be any better next time because there are so many people processing through that place that its all chance that it's available and depends on if your test scores are high enough to meet the requirements. 

I am very honored to have this opportunity.  Just about everybody wants an MC job and will take it if it comes up. I wish anybody in the enlistment process the best of luck and even if you don't get MC you should be proud to get a chance to be a part of the U.S. Navy, no matter what rating you get.


Thanks for writing in, MC!   Remember what you went through, and how much you wanted the job.  You'll have good days and bad, but if you hold on to why you're here, you'll do great things.


  1. Hey - this guy's at DINFOS now!

  2. Great Story! Do you mind if I link your blog under helpful sites on my own blog? There's always helpful information shared that's worth passing along. :) Hope you're doing good!

  3. Golly gee,
    I hope this happens to me*
    (Getting MC I mean)

    1. Me too, I want MC or nothing!

  4. Hahaha Janik, im in MC school with him right now. -SN Taylor Mohr