Thursday, August 15, 2013

MC perspective: Coming home

MC2 Keim reunites with his sister "Breezy".  Photo by MCSN Ignacio Perez.

Many civilians ask me which branch of the military is hardest on family.  My response is always that I can't speak on the other services, but if their spouse joins the Navy, the family should be ready for at least 6 months of separation. 

MC2 Joshua Keim and his family are no strangers to the sacrifices of life at sea.  This spring, he returned from deployment.  His family was waiting on the crowded dock.


KEIM:  It was truly amazing to come back to such an meaningful homecoming. I had butterflies in my stomach as I searched the crowd for my family.  My mom and my younger sister found me before I could spot them, so they were both ready.  

I was filled with such joy and a sense of accomplishment; I had persevered through so much time away from those I love and I knew deployment was finally over.

MC2 Keim, earning one of many certifications.  File photo.

Welcome back brother, keep being an example to us all.


Location:  Salisbury, MD    Miles traveled:  5,260

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