Saturday, January 18, 2014

Fresh Angles

Replenishment at sea. Photo by MCSN Derek Harkins. RELEASED. (Check out the comments.)

Recently the Nimitz returned from a deployment that was extended by the troubles in Syria.  I get asked a lot about what life on a ship is like as an MC.  I wasn't there, but I bet life became a grind on that extended deployment.  A big part of the workload looked like this:

If you weren't assigned to a specific task, you roamed the ship looking for cool photos to release.


1.  It's hard to catch Sailors showing emotion.  Everyone's kind of....neutral most of the time.
2.  You can only walk around the ship for so many months before your creative mind goes numb.
3.  Any photo you can think of has probably already been taken by someone before you.

Our chain of command always said "look for fresh angles."  With practice, a good photographer can somehow see an event, even mail sorting, and capture it from a new angle.

CHECK THIS OUT - USS Nimitz: Where they were

The Herald of Everett posted 50 photographs taken by Nimitz MC's during the deployment.

Look at the photos and think about what makes the good ones stand out.  This is your life MC!

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