Wednesday, April 16, 2014

MC Perspective: Just hold on

Nobody skiing, only pure badass.

I recently came across a fellow MC doing some pretty exciting stuff.  She, like most MC's, was handling business in relative obscurity.  Well I say no way, let's blow it up a bit.

MC2 Danielle Brandt slowed down just long enough to answer a couple quick questions.


Okay what the heck are you doing in this photo?

I was doing a story on the harbor patrol units out here in Bahrain. They were providing security for USS Harry S. Truman when it was pulling in for a port visit.

Wait, don't leave!  What are you doing in Bahrain!

I work for Naval Forces Central Command which is also 5th Fleet and Combined Maritime Forces. It's really interesting to be in this part of the world because you really do see how decisions made here have a much larger global impact. After being on a carrier for three years in Japan which was very operational I get to see a completely bigger picture working for a flag command.
I usually handle the submissions we get to the inbox from MCs in the 5th Fleet AOR, but I also do production as well. I never know what type of assignment I could have. One day I am taking photos of the Japanese Prime Minister meeting with the three star here in Bahrain and the next day I could be deployed on a Coastal Patrol Craft documenting daily operations.

It's definitely an assignment that keeps you on your toes.

So, what are the details of your- wait!  Ok.  See you MC2, good luck!


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