Sunday, September 14, 2014

MC Perspective: Student life and...Harry Potter?

We all know my favorite thing is when other MCs do my work for me.  Well I just accidentally came across these photos on a current 'A' school student's Facebook page.  I'm very happy that MCSA Gabriel Kotico is taking great photos AND adding interesting captions.  I'm not happy no one told me about these, and I found them on accident.  ;)

'A' school life is solid gold to my readers!

Day 32 August 5, 2014 | Quidditch Det Cup

It's Harry Potter Week at the Navy detachment and today we played Quidditch. I'm not in a house, so I played as the Golden Snitch. I switched off and shot some photos. Sports photography is HARD. Fake-sports photography is near impossible! My action shots were pretty bad so here's a group photo.

I Am Your Eyes:  We want a video of this don't we readers?

Day 42 August 15, 2014 | Nickels, Dimes and Afternoon Quarters

With Class 040 moving on, new Sailors need to step up and fill the leadership positions. Here are some of the newest section leaders reciting the Sailor's Creed to conclude afternoon quarters.

Day 52 August 25, 2014 | Gooooood Morning, Navy!

One thing that I did honestly enjoy (most of the time at least) was marching. During "A" school, we march to the school house every morning and conclude our trip there with the Morning Motivation, or Morning Moto. This is supposed to get us motivated for the rest of the day, show our Navy pride , and teach the other branches who really is the best.

Day 55 August 28, 2014 | Earn Your Weekend

Today marked the start of Labor Day weekend but before that all the "A" schoolers had PT with the detachment officer in charge and Chief. They called it the "Earn Your Weekend PT." I wish I would have joined them instead of just take pictures because it looked pretty intense. This picture is showing just the start of the entire workout. Bear crawls uphill, crab walks downhill, burpees, running, and a whole lot more. Next time I'll definitely join in.

MCSA Gabriel Kotico

(Looking forward to a HART group photo.)

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