Monday, October 13, 2014


Photo by SSgt Chad Usher.
The best part of working at Defense Media Activity is all the cool gear we get to play, I mean work with.  This rail system means I can push forwards/backwards and left/right in a nice smooth Hollywood manner.

In the video below, I used the slider for the shot on the couch.

(On a side note, the Orioles better win tonight.)

Photo by SSgt Chad Usher.

 It's not mechanized.

Just crank the wheel and the camera moves along the track.

Photo by me.

MC1 Laird noticed the wistful look I got every time someone talked about jib shots, so he showed me how to use it.  The travel jib is another piece of gear that's stupid easy to use, but adds a professional look.

It's basically a miniature crane.  The pole extends and hooks onto a tripod.  Then you can move the camera up and down.

Don't be me.  Make sure you have a compatible tripod before you get to the shoot.

The proud creator.  Photo by me.

And then there's the Sailors that just invent their own stuff.  MC2 Kevin Steinberg attached a SKATE DOLLY to this camera.  Brilliant.


I've got some dog rescue photos to put up, as soon as I figure out how to convert them from the raw format I received them in.  Not having Photoshop on this computer sucks.

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