Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Motion Media

Photo by MCSR Julie Vujevich

MCSN Kaitlyn Eads graduated DINFOS in November, and took time to explain what to expect during the video section.

EADS: We were at Harper's Ferry Adventure Center for a video project for the video part of BMCSC. (Basic Mass Communication Specialist Course) We had to get footage of the center itself and do interviews with the employees. Each group chose their own direction with their interviews and each individual put together their own video based on all of their footage.

I AM YOUR EYES: What was the most challenging part?

Hmmm I suppose it would be putting the actual video together. We were in groups of five or six and all of us had to shoot b roll and so when we were each putting together a video, we had to go thru all of that footage and pick which parts of the interviews we wanted. So essentially, deciding the direction of our individual videos and putting the hours of footage together in a roughly 2 minute video

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