Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Out Into the World!

TIRED.  I'm currently in the Intermediate Photo class.  Today we went on a field trip to Washington, D.C. to take photos of as many people as we could.  The idea is to get us used to approaching strangers, explaining who we are, getting a good shot, and then obtaining some basic info from them to write a caption.  WHEW.

Armed with the Nikon D200, I partnered up with Grimnes and Snow, two female sailors.  You always look less threatening in a mixed gender group... /grin  I just finished touching up and emailing some of the subjects' photos to them as promised.

Tomorrow we'll caption everything in Adobe Bridge or Adobe Photoshop CS3 and take turns showing our photos to the class on a big projector screen.  I'm sure it's tough for some to get up there and have us analyze their work. 

We're also learning to use massive print machines.  (like the ones at one hour photo places)

Gonna play some Warcraft III with the boys (I'm second best!) and go to bed by 11pm.  No PT tomorrow but still up at 0600.

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