Friday, January 29, 2010

pt morning and studio photographers in civvies

Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays are physical training days.  Today we got up as always at 0430 and headed out to the gym a few blocks away.  It was a brisk 18 degrees this morning.  Chief Carter gave us a "recess" day which means we could do anything we wanted.  Most play basketball, some lift weights.  I challenged Chief to a game of racquetball.  He runs a marathon every couple months and is stronger than two of me.

I still beat him.

That's why I love racquetball.

At 0700, class starts an hour earlier for my class today.  We'll be in the studios learning how to use professional lighting systems.

All sorts of crazy lights and lots of fun effects.  I'll throw some up here if I can figure out how.  (I figured out how.) We get to wear civilian clothes and bring props, which makes today even better.

 <---- One aspect of our jobs as MCs is studio photography, which includes full length, close-up (think high school/college graduation photos), and group shots.

This is me projecting the Slaughter effect.  

You don't want to be on the other end of this stare.  ;)

Eight hours later... one of the MTIs was commissioned as an Ensign today.  Military Training Instructors run the detachment where we live and oversee our "sailorization".  He asked me to be part of the First Salute detail, so I got to be the first to salute him as an officer.  It was my honor Ensign Larson. 

Yes, I'm a hugger.  I blame it on my mother.

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