Friday, May 14, 2010

His time has come

A once in a lifetime event just occurred for the man pictured above.   A whole new world opened up to him.  It's a world of joy and wonder, of peril and possible memory loss.

Cory Asato turned 21 yesterday.  Oh boy. 

His duty section surprised him with a happy birthday song.  (Asato, in typical humble fashion, had been denying it was his birthday all day.)

You can see him looking at his section leaders, saying "Did you do this?!"

Carey bought the cake and said a few words about Asato's character.

One of those words was Ironman.

The Ironman represents Asato's dedication to supreme physical form.  He's really a ripped little guy.

Towards the end, Carey realized he was missing out on gym time, and attempted to work out while eating the cake crumbs.



  1. Carey is such a weirdo. It's not your birthday Carey. Get out of every photo. :-) Much love.

  2. Talk to the photog, he took the pictures! I was actually trying to reenact when I tried that for the first time and busted my face lol... but back to Asato now... Happy Birthday bro!