Friday, May 7, 2010

Don't try this at home


Photos by Kathy & Lois

May 10th is rapidly approaching...  That means 'C' school and more blog posting!  I really couldn't find a Navy tie-in for most things I've done on leave.  (sitting on the beach, eating delicious restaurant food, riding my bike up and down the east coast, etc.)

I did have an adventure recently that deserves writing about.  If you want to bring your vehicle on a military base, you'll need a parking sticker.  (3 of them at Fort Meade) If you own a motorcycle, you'll probably be required to put them on the front fork. 

When you arrive at this juncture, DON'T do what I did.


I stuck the stickers in the wrong place.  At the bottom of the above photo, you can see part of the black circular seal that keeps the shock fluid in.  Well, the stickers were placed too low and dipped into that seal, dissolving much of the stickers, and causing shock fluid to leak.  

It took roughly an hour and lots of gasoline to get what was left of the decals off the fork. Those damn decals just don't want to die. Anti-theft design I suppose.  Here's a link with some hints if you find yourself in a similar situation.

Now I'm looking at a $200-300 repair bill.  Ouch.  Live and learn my fellow Sailors.  Put the stickers lower on the fork, on the metal tube that contains the fluid, not the one that dips into it.

This is the site you'd go to for more information about getting stickers or "registration decals".

To get my decals, I didn't have to take the on-base motorcycle safety course.  All I had to do was present my MSF card I received when I took the safety course in Florida to get my license.  Sports bike riders, I think you have to take a special course, because you're all crazy.


The new seal just came in, so I'll be taking my bike down the road today to have the leak fixed.  (With my good buddy Marty Carey following to bring me back again.)

My final thought
It doesn't matter how old you get, your parents can still make you feel like a dumb kid. :)

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  1. "Shoulda bought a sedan son" ; ) Love the folks =D