Sunday, December 5, 2010

Fun and games

Just kidding.  Actually, Wolf's pretty stressed out in this photo.  He's trying to operate a computer without stepping on the freshly waxed TV studio floor.

That's dedication folks.

We've added two new Sailors, Candelario and Ventura, to our gang.  In the print shop, Sashegyi (right) teaches Candelario the finer points of Nimitz graphic design.

Ventura's working in the photo department.  Here he tracks job orders that come in from all over the ship.

Both of our new people miss the Defense Information School very much.  Like me, they are struggling to adapt to life on a ship after their time at Fort Meade.  Hang in there guys!


  1. How does it work, can you be one day in the photo department and the other on the video department or public affairs or do you always have to do the same thing?

  2. On board Nimitz, we generally stay in a department for a few months. Once someone gets good at what they do, they're moved to another area. The idea is to create well-rounded MCs.