Friday, December 17, 2010


Photo by MC3 Devin Wray.

Okay I need to backtrack a little.  A few days before we left for the cold north, Captain Monger read the promotion results over the intercom.  All throughout the ship, Sailors rejoiced when their names were heard.

Photo by me.

Wray and I made E-4, which meant we were no longer seaman, but petty officers.

Photo by me.

Then everyone panicked when we were told we'd be frocked two days later.  A mad scramble ensued to sew rank on uniform.  Here, Siniff kindly sews my crow onto my cover.  I really suck with a needle and thread and that material is thick.

Photo by me.

Okay, so the next day (day before frocking), we went out to celebrate our promotions.  I walked out on the pier, or concrete slab by the ship, and got on my cell phone...

Photo by MCSA Andy Jandik.

 ...and had it immediately confiscated by security.  No cell phones on the pier.  I missed the memo.  I was told I'd have to have a chief or higher rank go with me to get it back from security dispatch.

SURVIVAL TIP  Don't get on your phone near construction equipment.  It could be a safety violation.

But the roller coaster was still plummeting.

Photo by MC2 Adam Wolfe.

I found out the day of frocking that Wray and I had missed petty officer indoctrination classes.  Therefore, we couldn't be frocked, and couldn't wear the E-4 crows.

SURVIVAL TIP   Be Proactive!!!  Don't wait for someone to hold your hand and tell you stuff you need to know.  Go find out for yourself.   I had a feeling that indoc class was coming up and I never checked on it.

No worries, though!  The roller coaster is on the rise!

Photo by MC3 Whitfield.
Like all good stories, everything turned out alright in the end.  I took the 3-day indoc class as we sailed to Bremerton.  After learning all about leadership and self-restraint as a petty officer, I was frocked by our Public Affairs Officer, Lieutenant Commander Steve Ruh.


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