Tuesday, March 22, 2011

In love with a Sailor (by Sarah Steinberg)

Fort Meade wedding.

There's more NPPA stuff coming, I'm waiting for sample footage from all the different people I met.  It'll be worth the wait!


I've had alot of great feedback on the Meineke post.  I have another one for you guys, this is from a different point of view.  Sarah Steinberg is married to my 'A' school buddy Kevin.  She recently took the time to write me about what her new Navy life has been like.


by Sarah Steinberg

Kevin and I have been married for a year and a half now. The wedding was planned for Sept 27th of 09. But with Kevin being a "grad and go" from boot camp we had to reschedule the wedding date. We ended up getting married on Fort Meade Army base during his first week at 'A' school on Oct 2, 2009.

In April 2010 we had a big ceremony and reception for all our friends and family to come to celebrate our marriage!

The big wedding!

But we wouldn't change a thing about the Fort Meade wedding. It was so perfect!

When we first started dating he was actually looking into the Army so I knew right away if I married him I would be a military wife. I'm so glad he chose the Navy though. :) I have many relatives that have served in the past. My uncle actually was a Chaplain in the Navy for over 20 years. I think my main concerns were more about details and things.

So far Navy life has really stretched us and pushed to be all that we can be. Moving was very hard... more the process of it. Because this is our first time being stationed somewhere it was all new to us. I had to find a housing and do all the paper work and ask lots of questions. And when people don't answer the questions you need answered you have to figure it out on your own. We had lots of that with setting up military housing! Before we moved here I had to get a house all set up for us with out ever seeing the city before. That was a challenge for sure let me tell you!

We love our house, though we live in military housing, and despite what some people say about military housing.... we LOVE IT! We have been beyond happy with it!

It is hard when Kevin is gone.

But one Navy wife told me:

"Don't settle with learning to survive when he is gone. Learn to thrive." 

That was the best advice I've had regarding time away from my husband. I've learned to embrace little things like all the girl time I get with other Navy wives. I've learned to embrace the emails I get. And the days I don't get an email from him I just stay busy. Its all about the mind set!

I know if it weren't for this lifestyle we wouldn't be who we are as a married couple. I sure thank God for the strength He gives me to push on through those long underways and times he is gone. The time apart makes you embrace the little time you have together as all the more sweeter. I think that's one thing we have learned for sure, is to embrace the little silly things when we are together. Those things that may annoy you don't annoy you anymore... you're just so happy your husband's home, nothing else matters.

I am very proud to be a Navy wife and to be married to such a loving man. That's another thing that helps me get through the weeks he is gone. He always asks how my days are through his emails. :)

I am very proud of all the Sailors and other military wives out there. It is one of the the hardest things to be apart from the one you love but what an honor to serve your country!

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