Saturday, September 24, 2011

Growing Gills

I'm in the middle of a scuba certification course, taught by Sound Dive Center of Bremerton, Washington.  It's a skill that will go well with my free ride around the world.
I realize the photo's not very compelling, but the instructors won't let me take pictures in the pool yet... too worried I'll drown I guess.


  1. Hi Glenn: It sounds great! My son is at basic but will be going to A for MCS. I have been sharing some of your posts with him. We have cousins that were on the Nimitz. I'll bet you get to dive in some awesome places.

  2. Hey Kerry, thanks for reading. The Nimitz is actually sponsoring a recruit division right now. We're making weekly shout-out videos of Sailors encouraging the recruits. What division is your son in?