Monday, October 31, 2011

Proud to know this guy

My friend and top contributor to the blog, MC3 Marty Carey, has returned safely from his deployment overseas.  He tells me he wasn't quite ready to come back, if you can believe it.  He must have some kind of weird love for scorpions....

I don't normally post on the comings and goings of my friends, simply because it's such a common occurrence.  The life of an active duty service member is filled with travel. So why am I taking the time to report on this guy?

Because he represents everything you and I should strive for.  It's that simple.

Every once in a while you run across a Sailor who's just meant to be in the Navy.  Marty's one of those guys.  He's been a force of nature since 'A' school.  His positive attitude and dedication to military journalism has been a beacon to many of us.

While your level of service isn't always recognized, I'm confident you will continue to serve your country in a capacity that is the example for everyone who follows in your footsteps.

 I will always be behind you, never stop leading.

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