Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Video - Strike a pose

On the Nimitz, the MCs are split into three departments.  The photo department, print shop, and video.  MC3 Wray, MC3 Berumen, and I work in video.  Our base of operations is upstairs in the TV studio.  Next door is the control room where we run the tv channels on the ship.

One exception to this separation of jobs is studio photography.  Sailors, enlisted and officer, all need to have their photos taken from time to time for various reasons.  The crew member in this video needed a shot for his department's roster board.  This is basically a photo spread on a wall showing what senior members are working there.

Video just took this over, and because Berumen came to video from photo, she's the one who gets the jobs right now.  Wray and I have only worked video, but we will eventually be moved to other departments.  A good command rotates its MCs to ensure they are all well-rounded.

It'll be a sad day for me when I'm kicked out of the TV studio.

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