Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Surface Warfare

Chief worked at Navy boot camp before this.  I'm glad he didn't notice me here.

Laid out in front of every Navy Sailor is an almost endless path of qualifications, certifications, ribbons, and certificates that need to be picked up.  Most are victories to smile about.  Earning the Surface Warfare pin is one that requires heavy celebration.

Or at least a real hardcore face.

Come on, who wants a bunch of photos with the same boring smile?

The journey starts the day you arrive to your command, and involves many signatures, walkthroughs, written tests.  The grand finale places you in front of stern-faced representatives from each department on the ship.  They then shoot questions at you for about two hours.  If you survive, you're officially Surface Warfare qualified.

I hear it used to be a lot worse back in the day.

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