Saturday, February 9, 2013

Graphic Design

MC3 Candelario's position in the shop is newspaper layout.  Her job is to take the stories and photos as they're edited and place them into the paper for print once a week.  While out to sea this happens every day.  Deadlines make this position high pressure and life can get stressful.

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  1. MC2 I have a question. My Name is SA Lockwood and I am currently attending DINFOS just about finished up with A school. Design was/is one of my favorite parts of this rate. What is the likely hood of being able to do that in the fleet?

  2. I'd say high likelihood. The majority of work is photo and writing, but there's always room for those with graphic skills. There's only two or three in our shop that like to work in design. I love video, but put me in front of a layout and I want to throw up.

    1. That is awesome. I am not a fan of the writing part at all. I leave here in April and I am hoping for Washington. My old roommate MCSN Carpenter is there along with a few people who just graduated. I am pretty excited to hit the fleet I am just ready to be out of school. Thank you for answering me.