Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Change: A new chapter begins


September 2010:  The first day in Coronado, waiting for Nimitz to arrive... 

(I put my bags down after a minute.)


 Not happy at all about my new bed...

Look at that haircut!

Wow that seems like so long ago. But change is what the military's all about, and it's time to move on. To all my friends still on deployment, hang in there and know that you are appreciated. Stay safe over there.


Okay, so I'm back on dry land and headed cross country to my next duty station, Syracuse University.  Starting at the end of July, I'll spend two semesters (10 months) enrolled in their Motion Media program, learning all sorts of cool video stuff.  They only accept four MCs a year, so it's a huge honor to get in. There will also be four MCs studying under the photography program.

I have a bunch of photos from the last two months, so as I stop at hotels and to visit friends I'll try and get a post up showing you what life is like on a deployed carrier.  Also, some quick and dirty Android video shoots captured some of my favorite Nimitz Sailors.  Check out the first video below!

Oh yeah, and I can't pass up the opportunity to do one of those cool dotted line 
travel map thingies...

So I'll start where I left off, running the newspaper.  After much whining on my part, I actually did pretty well.

GODFATHER: My newspaper minions loved me and lamented the inevitable turnover to new management that had to happen once I got orders to Syracuse.

DRY ERASER MAZE: I won't miss managing the onslaught of stories pouring in every hour.  For not producing a thing personally, being a workcenter supervisor kept me running all day.  It's all about time and people management.

RELIEF: MC2 Jason Behnke, a 10-year veteran, begins taking over my job.  I am happy.

MAN LOVE: With several weeks left, my new role is succumbing to the ever-increasing displays of affection from a certain large Asian man.  "DAMN IMMA MISS YOU SLAUGHTER!"

Location: Stockton, CA    Miles traveled: 827

Personnel Specialist Seaman Abdul Feteke
Caution, raw video-not edited for language!


  1. nice job man, cant believe it's been close to four years for the both of us. good to see you steaming right along. good luck at 'Cuse.

  2. hahaha c'mon man, it's JOHNDRO