Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Staying sane

We're pretty limited in recreation choices on the ship.  Luckily, working six days a week, 12 hours a day, means we don't have to worry about down time much.  They're playing some crazy card game in the background, while MC2 Cotter sings the entire plot to Jurassic Park.

 Total addiction to Super Mario Kart, the OLD version on Super Nintendo. It's all about games people can play in groups.  As deployment wears on, the crew will retreat to alone time more and more, but two months in, the Mario tourneys were going strong.

This is a CBR (Chemical Biological Radiological) drill.  It's never fun to spend any period of time in an uncomfortable gas mask, in a crowded, hot room. This is why we sing the plot to Jurassic Park.


ROAD TRIP:  After visiting friends in Lost Angeles and San Diego, I headed to Williams, this creepy-Route-66-fake-western-town that sits about 60 miles south of the Grand Canyon.  The population is roughly 86% tourist.  One of them was retired Army Sergeant First Class Lou, and he was really good at that game we're playing, whatever it's called.

THE GRAND CANYON! (I'll probably have that shirt on in a lot of upcoming shots.)

I'd recommend getting there early, by late morning the crowds were thick. I had the feeling that without several hundred people squawking in a hundred languages, the Grand Canyon would be a really peaceful place to look out on.

Location: Grand Canyon, AZ   Miles traveled: 1,836

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