Monday, July 1, 2013

First foreign port: South Korea

We had a chance to see some of South Korea for a couple of days when Nimitz pulled into Busan. This was the first foreign port visit for many Sailors, as we've been in dry dock for 78 years. (1.5)

This South Korean Sailor didn't speak much English, but after agreeing to take this photo with me, he did point to himself and say "handsome."

Ventura and I took a shuttle bus to Haeundae Beach, a beautiful city where we didn't see another Sailor for hours.  After being stuck on a ship with everyone, space is good.


 I don't remember what this was, but I put too much spicy stuff in it.

A pitcher of Sam Adams at this place was... $74!

Busan was a working port, meaning we had a curfew, and had work in the morning.  We stayed out just long enough to see what the city looked like at night, though.


Location:  Wichita Falls, TX    Miles traveled:  2,798

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