Sunday, July 14, 2013

GLORY: Be a front page photographer

It's not Time magazine, but ask any Nimitz MC who's had a photo featured on the cover of Nimitz News sunday edition.  It feels pretty good.  During deployment, we made it more interesting by turning the selection process into a contest.  The newspaper staff submitted all cover-worthy photos taken that week, and the entire department had a say in the winner.  In the above photo, everyone's voting by marking pink post-its.

Voter turnout every Friday for this event was great, and only scattered reports of voter fraud surfaced.

Along with the photograph being showcased for 5,000 people, the front page is archived on the newspaper's wall of fame.  (We should've moved the clock.)

This is MC3 Chris Bartlett.  Not too long ago he was an undesignated seaman fighting to become one of us.  Now he's winning every other cover photo contest.  In the above photo, Bartlett works on one of his many sports stories for the paper.  The beautiful thing about working there was, if you found something you loved and ran with it, more power to you.


Location:  Pensacola, FL    Miles traveled:  3,584

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