Monday, April 5, 2010

Navy Easter

The kids, and the adults as well, have fun decorating their eggs and spending time with their loved ones.
Photos and Story by SN Rosa Arzola Every day is a good day to spend quality time with family, and today was no exception. Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Farr and Lieutenant Junior Grade Soltes organized an egg decorating event at the Navy Detachment for sailors to spend some quality time with their families and loved ones. Events like these are always fun morale boosters. Sailors are lucky to have a staff who, apart from being professional, are always coming up with events to keep us motivated. The young ones had a lot of fun decorating their Easter eggs, and so did the grown-ups!
MC1 Farr's son Kendall is busy and very focused on getting his water to turn blue and green. He really loved painting Easter eggs and anything in general.
LTJG Soltes trys to get her nephew Christian to decorate his Easter egg. He, on the other hand, wants to be chased around.

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