Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Summer's over - Siren's not

My trip to Florida came and went fast, as expected.  How could hanging out on the beach with good friends...

and partying on huge yachts NOT go by fast?  I mean come on!

It's a good thing I like my job... it wasn't too hard to come back. 

We cooked some burgers and ate while Mark regaled us with wonderful tales.  He's Australian, and if his countrymen are anything like him, I shall look forward to visiting Australia some day.

Desiree made us all feel weak and ashamed when she pulled off some Yoga maneuvers on the back dock.

The Amtrak Auto Train is my method of travel.  Here, the workers load the passengers' bikes up for the trip.

It's a long trip, too.  Seventeen hours!  I usually grab a seat with an empty one beside it and make a little bed.  It's almost long enough to stretch out in!

Running from Lorton, Va., to Sanford, Fl., the train offers a much easier way to travel.  And it allows me to ride my bike in Florida.

This sad shot is Siren loaded into the truck that will take her to San Diego.  Yes, I paid $700 to get my motorcycle cross-country.  It's my only ride, and I'm not going to miss the chance to cruise California.  And IF... I decide to sell it, the bike's nearby and not stuck in storage in Maryland somewhere.

At a friend's suggestion, I used a site called uShip. You put the price you want to pay and companies bid for it.  It's easy to use and so far I have no complaints.  I'll let you know in a few days how it went.

Oh, and if anyone can guess why my bike's called Siren you get a prize.

...I ship out in two days.

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