Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Call to arms

Me in the Navy detachment's TV room, giving my blog pep talk.
 Photos by SN Corey Hensley

First of all, I was out of town this weekend...a mini-vacation of sorts.  I plan on posting about it but I'm waiting on a photo from the Six Flags website to lead in with.  They want to charge me $30 to download it when I already paid $10 for the print at the park.  I'm pulling the military card and trying to get it free.

And there's all sorts of other stuff I want to post on.  It's hard to keep up when almost every day brings something interesting to talk about.  (especially with school work and PT)


As many of you know, when I graduated from 'A' school, I worked with Asato to set up a new blog that will stay in the hands of 'A' schoolers.  It will be handed down from class to class as a way to inform as well as improve MC skills.

It's not easy, but we're making progress.  Yesterday, Asato and I had a meeting to bring new students into the blog loop.  We've got solid interest, with several signed up to turn in some good stories.  I'm acting as a sort of consultant/cheerleader.  The goal is to have a few motivated Sailors step up and run with it.

Many great ideas were offered by those in attendance.  Asato (white shirt) and Hwang talk ideas in the back row.

Their blog is at  Please stop by and show your support.  Believe me, it means a lot to them.  I know Asato feels like no one is really reading it.  Sign up to follow, and give a shout-out through a post's comment link. :)

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