Sunday, June 27, 2010

The world awaits

MC1 Ballge (foreground) and MC1 Miller take the time to speak to each student, giving them words of encouragement.

The most recent force of DINFOS trained killers just graduated to teary eyes and proud smiles.  Class "I forget their number" represented the last group that I had a real connection to.  Being a 'C' schooler is like living forever.  Friends come and go but you never leave.  /sob

I'll be fine guys, you just go.

Hernandez suddenly realizes she doesn't have to do homework anymore. (never say never)

MC 'A' school is 6 months long, but it goes fast.  I suspect in a few months many will wish to be back in the comfortable air-conditioned world of DINFOS.  lol

Students from all sorts of classes show up to congratulate the victors.

Graduation is a whirlwind.  It happens fast and then everyone's gone even faster.  Usually, they head out on leave the same day.  Some head straight out to their next duty station.

MC1 Vernon does his "extra guy in the photo" impersonation behind us.  I think it works.

Carey, excuse me, MCSN Marty Carey, was the day's honor graduate.  He had the highest overall grade for all the courses, and will receive an automatic promotion to E-4.

Good job nerd!


Very shortly, Chief Carter will be leaving for Afghanistan.  He's been the heart and soul of the Navy barracks since well before I came around.

Chief, I've saved to memory many things you've said.  "Attack your weaknesses" is probably my favorite one.  Through personal examples, you've shown the students here the importance of motivation, hard work, and good attitude.  Thank you for everything!

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