Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Beamed into your living room

MCSN Devin Wray

In a previous post I mentioned how U.S. Navy ships not only have websites, but are connecting those sites to Facebook.  These connections come in the form of Facebook Fan Pages.  This blog is linked to Facebook, and I get much more interactivity with my readers there than here. (comments left on posts, for example)

MCSN Devin Wray, my buddy from bootcamp and the source of  the "I Am Your Eyes" line, is a forward thinker.  He's got some innovative ideas concerning military Public Affairs.  I won't spill the beans on anything here, sorry.

Posting videos on Facebook Fan Pages isn't new, but it's new to the military.  Wray just posted a DNU, or Daily News Update, on his ship's Fan Page.  Check out the link below to watch the video.  But more importantly, read the comments.  Families post on how grateful they are to see what life is like for their son/daughter, a veteran follows his ship's activities, and an OPSEC issue is quickly resolved.

That last one was really cool to see.  Operational Security has always been important, but with the arrival of social media, it's more crucial than ever.  The risk of a breach goes up as more and more people post their every thought online.  OPSEC even has it's own Facebook page.

Alright I'm about to miss chow.  I need to go eat.  Here's the link.

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