Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Liberty! (Six Flags)

This, as well as the upcoming post, is part of my ongoing quest to give future DINFOS students a list of fun stuff to do in the area.  Many Sailors end up at Busch Gardens because it's free to the military.  That's all good, but Six Flags is only an hour away (compared to 3) and has more rides than BG. Michelle and I recently stormed the amusement park and conquered every one of its menacing roller coasters.  Our longest wait for a ride?  Twenty minutes.  This was thanks in part to the Flash Pass, an electronic pager that allows you to reserve ride times and show up when your seat is ready.  Other parks have similar items but this one received the best review online.  Totally worth the extra dough.
I don't have a lot of exciting photos, but here's a good one of the drop on one of the coasters.  The drop is on the far side.  Yeah, it's almost 90 degrees.  Here we're touring the park on an easy train ride.
There were staff members everywhere.  I think I was asking this guy about wearing shoes on water rides.  We forgot our flip flops.
I wasn't able to blog at the time because the person above hogged the laptop.  You wouldn't have the heart to take it away either.

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