Friday, November 19, 2010

More gas adventures

I'm in Chehalis, Washington and I just realized that I can talk into my phone and it types out the words for me. (I added the city later) That makes my phone even easier to blog with then the laptop!  I'd probably give up blogging with the computer completely except I can't control much with the Epic.  No photo cropping, for example.

The cell doesn't recognize emotion either.  I don't know how to make it put an explanation point even though I'm yelling right now.

Anyway I'm outside of my first washington gas station. When I swiped my card at the pump a message popped up asking me to verify a 45 cent charge.

When I went inside to talk to an employee an older lady was inquiring about the same thing. Turns out this place charges 45 cents for every debit transaction. No credit cards allowed. The employee was in the process of explaining to the confused elderly woman how to accept charges at the pump.

It'd make sense for them to pump your gas for you here.

I'm 94.9 miles from Bremerton.

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