Friday, November 19, 2010

Weak stomach? Turn away!

This is the ugly side of life on the road.  I'm currently in Springfield, Oregon.  I wanted to make it to Portland but heavy rain forced me off the road at sundown.  I don't do curvy, unfamiliar roads at night in the rain.

A local recommended Roaring Rapids Pizza Company for delivery to my hotel room. 

On their online menu I noticed "smoked oysters" as a pizza topping.  I'm from the Chesapeake Bay area of Maryland.  It's the best seafood in the world.  I love seafood, including oysters.

Don't ever get oysters on pizza.  GROSS!!!  They're the little raisin looking things. The photo shows exactly how much Brooks "normally human garbage disposal" Slaughter was able to eat.

Just awful.  Learn from my mistake!  Looks like it's ranch sunflower seeds for dinner...

I'm 280 miles from Bremerton.

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