Friday, November 12, 2010

"Slaughter we need a post! What happened???" (community relations event)

 Our carrier is a corvette!  The Nimitz turns everyone sideways when she does high speed turns.  Photo by MCSA Andy Jandik.

I went out to sea, that's what happened!!  First of all, forming angry mobs outside does NOT increase the likelihood I'll put a blog post up, so knock it off.   But thanks guys...

As you've probably figured out, I haven't been on dry land much in the last few weeks.  It's pretty hard to blog without internet access.  Tomorrow I start my four-day drive up to Bremerton, Wa., so lemme put some ship stuff up to quench your thirst.  (I'll be posting details on the trip in the next couple days.)

In the spotlight.  Photo by MCSN Glenn Slaughter.

MC3 Adam Wolfe prepares to host The Thursday Show, on the channel every Nimitz Sailor watches to get the good gouge.

Linus on the flight deck.  Photo by MC3 Amdahl.

A few weeks ago, Linus Phillips came aboard USS Nimitz.  He has been battling a type of cancer called Burkitt Lymphoma.  The Make-A-Wish foundation made it possible for him to have his number one wish granted.  He wanted to visit not just any carrier, but specifically the Nimitz.

His parents said this:

“We just found it so amazing how much energy and commitment the Navy put into every little detail of Linus’ wish. It was highly emotional for us to see how much they cared about our son.”

Linus Phillips, 12, looks on as Cmdr. David Appezzato, Mini Boss aboard USS Nimitz, writes an announcement for Phillips to say over the 5-MC during his tour aboard the ship.  Photo by MC3 Merrill.

How many of us work in a place that's number one on a little boy's wish list?   Here's a kid that knew more about that ship than many of the Sailors.  He clearly loved everything about Navy carriers.

How's that for perspective?


To the person that posted on my Facebook wall a few weeks ago,  I can't find your question to respond.  Write me again!


  1. Dear Glen,

    I found you Blog by chance and read your post about Linus. I am Linus's mom and just for clarification, "Make a wish" fullfills wishes of kids who have or have had a life threatening illness. In Linus's case he was diagnosed in February 2010 with Burkitt Lymphoma, a very aggressive and fast growing tumor (in his case one of his tonsils was affected which is rare in Europe) It was discovered very early and was treated agressively. In children this type of cancer is treatable interestingly because the dosage for children's chemotheray can be a lot higher than that of adults. By the time we came to visit you he had finished the treatment and was officially in remission. He is now 7 months past the last treatment with no reoccurence and the farther we move away staying in remission the better the chances that nothing will come back. For Linus the numbers are roughly 95% that he is really cured. It was a rough year with a great ending to be able to come and visit you guys and Linus is convinced that if at all it will be his citizenship and not an illness that will prevent him from working on an aircraft carrier one day. All the best! Barbara

  2. Thank you for letting me know that. I'll happily clarify my blog post. Tell Linus he inspires more people than he knows. Have a happy and healthy year!