Monday, July 26, 2010

Everyone play nice!

Ponder senses someone watching her.

Were you that kid who cried when other kids played with your toys? Do you hog remote controls?  Does anyone with a different world view irritate you?

If you answered yes, God help you if you come here.

A rare role reversal. Is Cheek fixing her hair?

I just spent 2 hours playing Ultimate Frisbee, my sport, with Soldiers and Marines that don't really believe in "minimal contact."

I seriously can't feel three of my ribs.

But that's ok!  Because working in a joint operations environment is teaching me volumes.  It's kind of like living abroad.  Every branch is a unique and sometimes violent creature.

Navy 'C' schoolers must adjust quickly to being a blue minority.

After the game I was joking with a Soldier in my class because he beat me up a little on the frisbee field.  He did some kind of ridiculous WWF wrestling move and jumped on my back while I was on the ground.  Sure I was cheating by laying on the frisbee but still...

(He was also mad because I snatched at least 5 TDs from his hands in like 5 minutes...)

He said, "You need to be a Soldier and take it!"  I said, "Soldier?!  Did you just call me a Soldier?!"  A couple of petty officers walking by laughed and said, "Get em!"

The lone Soldier looks pretty uncomfortable.  Actually, almost everyone here looks uncomfortable.  What's Ho doing?

The Marines in the class insisted that the Navy and Marines play against the Army for the last game of the day.  Great, except the Army had waaaay more players.  That meant lots of subbing in and out for their team...NONE for us.

This is the most-of-the-time-friendly rivalry that exists between branches.

I like this photo.  Two Navy students practice a script.  Three Army arrive to wreck shop.  A Marine sneaks up on everyone.

Perreault and Woods!  Bilderback loves her.

Army/Navy shoot a racquetball game...  And completely forget to dodge balls flying at them.

My early 'A' school class, Basic Mass Communication Specialist Course 010-10 (all the writing stuff) poses for their final day at the Defense Information School.

Let's do a Army/Navy Ultimate Frisbee game with this group!  Oh wait, everyone in this shot is graduated and gone...


  1. Anyone Air Force in the bottom photo? would like to know the ratio of army/navy/air force (I know Coast Guard's, is just one kid there...)

  2. There's two in the back row, and the guy with the yellow rope in the second to last row. There's a few more in there, tough to pick them out from Army.