Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I saved a life, and then I littered

Youmans realizes he'll never get another job as sweet as this.

That's Youmans lying on the ground.  He's not sleeping, he's unconscious!  Training videos are part of what military videographers do, and we're training to do just that.  All this week we're working in groups shooting all sorts of instructional/informational videos.  Here we're using the TV studio to shoot a CPR how-to video.  I got to play the hero's role and revived him.

There was no mouth-to-mouth.

Here a group gathers to shoot an informational video about littering.  I played the role of a litterbug, although I would never drop a gum wrapper in real life.

Sgt. Mitchell, one of our instructors, keeps a close eye on her students.

Sergeant Mitchell has been very patient while I've snapped endless shots of her teaching.  I didn't like any of them and finally just walked up and took one up close.

That fan is way too small to ease the pain.

This shot is a bit overexposed but it conveys the heat I'm feeling very nicely.  Shaver holds the switches to two lights as we experiment with different lighting effects.

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