Saturday, July 10, 2010

Leading the way

Corporal Elorza on the prowl.

Every class I've been in here at DINFOS has a class leader.  The instructors wait a few days after the start to see which student emerges as a strong candidate.  Then they say: "you're the class leader."

Cpl. Elorza, or Cpl. E as we call him, is a great class leader.  He takes his job seriously, and can usually be seen out in the hallways rounding up stragglers with a stern eye.  With eyes like a friggin hawk, he usually knows when a student is dozing or goofing off.  It doesn't happen often, because we have a strong group.  If it does happen, you can be sure the offender will have extra duty after school cleaning the room or taking the trash out.

One of only four Marines in a class made up of Army, he's done well mixing discipline with easygoing friendliness.  I wasn't sure how the Soldiers would take having a Marine give them orders, but up to this point the machine's run smoothly.

Hooyah, excuse me Oo-rah Cpl. E.  (Am I allowed to say Oo-rah? Probably not.)

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